How To Get Off The FriendZone – Bro Zone

How to get off the ‘Friend, Zone’. So a fellow bruh meets a beautiful girl somewhere. He gets her number and kicks the conversation going. Its good at first, you play your cards right, she sends you messages with the special tags i.e. baby, sweetie, bae…you know them. Then you get carried away and reveal to her how much you like her and would like to get to know her more, by more I mean physically; then she drops the killer line, ‘ghai what do you expect me to say?’ you go like,’ whatever your heart feels’ then she replies,’ you are a good friend to me, I don’t want to spoil that’ Obviously real bro’s pretend not to catch any feelings and change the topic, they don’t insist. Bro now we begin the steps of getting out of this kind of situation;

First thing don’t be real. I mean at that moment don’t change the topic. Stick to your intentions. If she doesn’t like it, that’s her thing to deal with, fake it till you make it. Get her trapped to your lies. Don’t feel guilty or feel pity for using her because in reality she’s using you as her ‘friend’. Talk big not like a friend, talk to her like you talk to drunk girls in a bar, and don’t ask her how her day is unless you really love her.

In short treat her like she is not the only one because she is not the only one trying to be the only one. Even if she is, assume you get hundreds of texts each night from hot Instagram baes. In most cases she might ignore your messages, reply after hours… Bro, that is good. It means she is so intrigued by you and disappointed that you are not acting like a friend.

Then with suddenness, stop disturbing her. Go silent. Refuse temptations to call or message her. Do this for a week or two. That is when you get texts like, ’hi’. When you do, don’t wait too long to reply, say after 10 minutes. Don’t act desperate, don’t lead the conversation. Reply with short characters like less than 140. She will want to meet to ‘catch up’, now there bruh is where you hit a straight jackpot. Invite her over or take her out for a drink or two, doesn’t matter as long as you get to hangout.

You really don’t need another bro telling you what to do once you are alone with her right? Good. Just to be clear this method of unfriend zoning is not 100% effective. Different girls react in different ways. And it’s still in its developing stages basically a trial, also am not a professional in this kind of things just another bro trying to make a living through writing and I don’t live in my house in case it goes south!

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