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Social Media in our era has given rise to a new generation of models who never get to see a runway. Actual most of these self-labelled ‘models’ have never even watched let alone attend a fashion show or model walk. To become one of these models, all you need is a camera phone, an editing application, less clothes even better with no clothes and 5 shillings MBs of data bundles. Position yourself in the kitchen, a club’s washroom or the bedroom and tap! Sexually hungry bros are all over their phone’s screens tapping and clicking places they like most in your body.

Well I am not against these type of models posting their pictures as am one of the men who enjoy going through them but why do they have to go the extent of showing us everything they had when they were born? If we see all that what would they have to surprise their husbands in case they get married? Unless you actually get paid to post such pictures I don’t think it’s a good idea showcasing your ‘sexual property’ without copyrighting it first’ Even manufacturer of phones release new features year by year even if they invented them 20 years ago. Why? You may ask. To keep the demand growing. If you are going to go all nude on IG or Snapchat, let me give you some few tips sister;

Number one, fake professionalism. Make sure each picture you post is taken by a ‘made up’ photographer. Avoid taking selfies. Get a friend to take a wide screen photo of you. Edit it and put a fake or real logo of what has to be like a famous photographer. If you really want to make your brand get, Kelvin Bourt or even Masai Kta Photographers. The more renowned the photographer is the more of a big brand you will look.

Two. Don’t use filters or extreme editing features. This will make you look like the more than 100,000 Ig models who do the same. Let your photos be original. Don’t tag a lot in your posts. Avoid posts like, ‘in the toilet’ ‘eating’ use more modellish posts like, ‘It’s so sad how the world has turned out to be luckily some of us are here to make it look good’ or ‘attending 2017 Miss Kenya in South Africa’ or ‘Having fun the capital city of Africa, Addis Ababa’

Then, take advantage of Photoshop. Photoshop yourself in Paris, Photoshop yourself in Miami, Photoshop yourself in Masai Mara, Photoshop yourself with Vera Sidika. Photoshop yourself everywhere attention is. Avoid taking pictures in downtown clubs. Take them in big lounges. Make sure people can see the name of the posh lounge you were last night. Don’t take photos of what you are drinking. It might be expensive to you but might look cheap to some other guys.

Wear the shortest dress you have in your closet. The more skin you show the better chances of you getting more likes. The more nudity you show…well adding that what you are showing us is of substance, some gossip blog sites might just pick you up for a story. Remember that you have to make money out of all these efforts. Get to feature in music video even if the artist is not known. Don’t expect to be paid immediately. It’s like an investment you will get returns later on. Shake every part of your body once in the video. Leave nothing to chance, impress the director so that you have more scenes than even the artist in the song.

Lastly get yourself in any reality television program. Slap everyone you meet in the show. Where an expensive Brazilian wig and let one of the cast members pull it off in a staged fight to create attention to the horse hair. Use motor bikes for transport and claim it’s your personal driver who dropped you off. Never admit that you do not own a car. Take pictures in front of peoples range rovers and claim they are your cars. No one will go to KRA offices to verify. And if they do, remember any publicity is good publicity. Finally when you have made it to the likes of Pendo and the others, DM me on Instagram @masaikta

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