Photos: Gigy Money Holding A Mans Casava

Tanzanian socialite Gigy Money is yet again in trouble after sharing a photo fans considered in appropriate.

The socialite angered a section of his fans after posing while putting her hand on a random man’s crotch.

Fans were not happy that socialite would go the extent of touching a random man’s penis in public.

The photos comes at a time when Baraza La Sanaa Tanzania (BASATA) is hunting down artists and entertainers who are posting immoral content online.

The body, which monitors and regulates arts and music in the country, recently warned Sanchoka for her photos on instagram.

“Most people hide behind art to do bad things. It is not like we are afraid of her,” said one of the body’s commissioners, Agness Kamande in an interview with a TV popular Show.

“The issue is, we are not yet sure if she is a model or an artist of any kind. This is because we only take action on people who are involved in the entertainment industry.” 


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